Here at Thai Sabai Massage you can enjoy special treatment of different types of relaxing massages. We specialize in Thai massages that will relax your body and mind. Those seeking a Thai oriental therapeutic art of health massage will enjoy the atmosphere that Parichard Thai Spa brings. Your senses awaken from the "first relief impression" moment your step into Thai Sabai Massage.

Thai Massage is an art of ancient healing method from Thailand. In the past it was predomately used in the King's Palace. The technique work on the whole body. The recipient in fully loose clothing and on a mat in the quiet and serene environment. The practitioner works on your muscles bones and joints, you will be gently moved or rocked into various yoga inspired positions.

Begin with gentle touch, stretches and acupressure at different level of pressure at your preference, this is to improve circulation and increase flexibility and range of motion.